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Write a letter to your area representative expressing your stance against offshore oil in Belizean waters


Oceana has been working to obtain a ban on offshore oil in Belize since 2009. Since then, Belizeans continue to say no to offshore oil by signing petitions, writing letters and participating in the historic People’s Referendum. Oceana has received letters from thousands of Belizeans expressing their reasons for not wanting offshore oil in Belizean waters, including associations such as the Sarteneja Fishermen Association, Placencia Fishermen’s Cooperative, Chunox Fishermen Association, and Sarteneja Tour Guide Association to name a few. 

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Write a letter to your area representative making your stance against offshore oil known so that the next time this issue of national importance is discussed in the National Assembly, your area representative can adequately represent your position.

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Template Letter:


We, the ___________, have serious concerns about the Government of Belize’s lack of a clear position as to offshore oil exploration in Belizean waters.

We reject all forms of oil exploration in our waters because it puts two of our most important economic sectors at risk: our valuable and growing tourism industry and our long standing fisheries industry. The Belizean public has already clearly demonstrated that we do not want any offshore oil exploration in Belizean territorial waters.

If the Government of Belize is not prepared to implement a full and permanent ban on offshore oil exploration immediately, we demand that the Belizean public be granted their constitutional right to decide, via national referendum, whether our marine areas should be open to offshore oil exploration of any kind, including preliminary studies such as the proposed multibeam and sea seep surveys. NO offshore exploration activities, such as the multibeam, seismic and sea seep surveys, should proceed until this national issue has been permanently settled.

We await your quick response on this urgent national matter.