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Ethics and Accountability


Code of Ethics

Around the world, Oceana is helping to protect and restore the oceans, in partnership with allies and communities. Oceana has set out in a Code of Ethics how we expect our staff to meet high standards of integrity, respect, and inclusivity in achieving our mission and safeguarding the contributions of our donors and supporters.

You can find relevant excerpts from our Code of Ethics here.

Internal Accountability, Whistleblower Policy, and Anti-Retaliation Policy

Oceana has taken several steps to ensure accountability with our standards of conduct.

A staff member who has experienced, observed, or learned about conduct they believe is contrary to Oceana’s polices or Code of Ethics must report it. Oceana has provided multiple ways to make such a report. Our Code of Conduct identifies specific staff to whom reports should be made. Alternatively, reports from staff members may be made through EthicsPoint, a third-party compliance company through which Oceana has arranged that reports may be made confidentially in writing or by telephone, in English or in local languages. To ensure that accountability extends to all staff including senior leadership, reports through EthicsPoint that implicate senior leaders are routed directly to Oceana’s Board of Directors.

When an employee reports a violation of this Code, Oceana will investigate and take action to correct violations. Employees are protected from retaliation for either reporting a violation or participating in an investigation. Any person found to have retaliated against an individual for reporting violations or participating in an investigation of allegations will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.