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Oceana – sponsored Southside Masqueraders Take Carnival!

Press Release Date: January 12, 2012

Location: Belize City, Belize


The Southside Masqueraders, with their “Under the Atlantis” theme, took first overall in this year’s Carnival, and brought much positive attention to Oceana in Belize’s campaign for the protection of Belize’s sea and reef.

Oceana and the Southside of Belize joined forces to support one common good – the need to save our underwater world. Our promotion of Saving Belize’s Atlantis and Belize’s Underwater Atlantis were a joint production of Oceana in Belize and the Southside Masqueraders, and was based on the story of Atlantis – the Lost City.  Belize’s underwater world is about to be lost by the continued threats created by man, who now lives a lifestyle by which they pollute, exploit and overfish our Belizean Waters.

The float “Saving Belize’s Atlantis” depicted the beauty of our marine life, guarded by the maidens of the sea – the mythical mermaids, who embody all the beauty and mystery of our underwater world.  It exposed the potential damage a simple oil spill could have on our turtles, fish and even our birds.  It also showed however, that there are alternative sources of energy – wind power being one, solar being another.

With over 160 members strong, the revelers in “Belize’s Underwater Atlantis” drove the point home. George Park’s portrayal of King Triton was an energetic representation as the leader of our spectacular underwater kingdom. He was joined by Pauline Bradley as his Queen, Ariel, protector of the coral and all the animals and sea creatures in our beautiful reef. Extremely popular was the dark Queen Ursula, played by Suzette Marsden as the wicked witch, who represents black oil which threatens to destroy our reef as well as our livelihood.

Oceana is proud to have been the key sponsor for the carnival band, and congratulates them on their hard work and especially their creativity in graphically displaying the importance of taking ownership of our barrier reef.