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Toledo Field Representative

Do you want to make a difference protecting and restoring the abundance of the oceans? Oceana in Belize is currently seeking to fill its Toledo District Field Representative vacant position. Come join a dedicated team of professionals who are working to protect marine wildlife while also enhancing the capacity of the oceans to feed a growing world population. Ocean conservation is not only a plan to save ecosystems but also to save the livelihoods of fishers, their families, and their communities.

Founded in 2001, Oceana is the world’s largest ocean advocacy organization focused solely on restoring the resilience, diversity, and abundance of marine ecosystems to ensure that our oceans are a significant source of wild-caught fish that can help feed the world.

We achieve measurable change by conducting specific, science-based campaigns with fixed deadlines and articulated goals. Our campaigns extend to countries that, combined, govern nearly one-third of the world’s wild-caught fish, including Belize, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, the United States, Canada and the 27 countries in the European Union.

Who is right for the job?

The Toledo District Field Representative is an individual who will reside in Toledo District, Belize and:

  1. Spread awareness countrywide and garner support using effective measures to reach Belizeans and develop and execute strategies in key areas to achieve Oceana’s goals to protect Belize’s marine resources.
  2. Design and implement organizational outreach and campaign plans.
  3. Ensure organizational base building goals are met.
  4. Develop and execute grassroots strategies to further the campaigns of Oceana in Belize.
  5. Maintain outreach contacts in the organizational database (Wavemaker program, Facebook/social media support) and utilize systems to track and evaluate progress toward our base building goals.

Your contribution to the team includes:

  1. Establish and strengthen partnerships to enhance credibility, visibility and support for Oceana’s local efforts hold and participate in meetings with municipal authorities and community influencers.
  2. Plan and organize events/activities in specific area (e.g. World Ocean’s Day, Earth Day, etc.) to maintain Oceana’s presence.
  3. Create Oceana information packages to leave at libraries, community centers, classrooms etc. where it would be accessible to the public.
  4. Arrange public speaking opportunities (media interviews, public meetings etc.) to keep communities engaged on Oceana’s campaigns.
  5. Maintain outreach contacts in the organizational database.
  6. Recruitment of volunteers for Oceana’s campaigns.
  7. Submit monthly worklogs on what was accomplished the prior month, including updates on Oceana’s campaign, list of speaking engagements, attendees, Wavemaker recruits etc.
  8. Lead outreach to community groups and key individuals in his or her district.
  9. Work with Oceana staff to develop regionally appropriate messages.
  10. Keep abreast of updated information as it relates to campaign issues and issues affecting the marine environment.

What you’ll need to be successful: The successful candidate should have:

  • A minimum of an Associate’s Degree or higher.
  • Knowledge about Belize’s marine issues and strong interest in the marine environment in general.
  • A Commitment to Oceana’s mission, goals, and values.
  • Proven excellent communication skills, including public presentations; conducting media interview.
  • Ability to prepare reports and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Good planning and organizational skills and be able to organize education & outreach programs.
  • Ability to work effectively as a leader/member of a team.
  • Ability to interact well with people.
  • Good professional appearance & demeanor.
  • Ability to work independently and self-motivated and, be able to work flexible working hours (including weekends).

Oceana values a diverse workforce and welcomes people different from each other in many ways, including characteristics such as race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, and national origin. Oceana considers all qualified candidates and seeks to recruit from a diverse candidate pool.